The 7th National Conference on Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Sekce 1B

The existing and prepared tools of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in support of PoC and spin-off
Pavel Komárek, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

We will focus on the latest information on funding opportunities for PoC in the area of technical, natural and social sciences, as well as humanities. Possibilities will be mentioned of their utilization in the proof of concept and founding of start-ups, including spin offs.

Three main sources of funding by EC: ERC PoC + European Innovation Council + PathfinderEN
Patrick McCutcheon, European Commission

The representative of the European Commission will present the most efficient available tools for funding of PoC and similar activities; you will find out more, particularly about possibilities within ERC PoC, the pilot European Innovation Council and the Pathfinder program.

The current trends in financing of innovation projects
Tomáš Ditrych, Mavericks Legal

Alternative methods will be presented for financing of innovation projects, e.g. VC (venture capital), CVC (corporate venture capital), ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and crowdfunding.

2A section

Artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights
Radan Janoš, Zbyněk Loebl, PRK partners

In the presentation we will present fundamental questions associated with relations between intellectual property rights and artificial intelligence, e.g. the legal protection currently enjoyed by works created by artificial intelligence. Further, we will provide information whether any new legislation is being prepared in the European Union or elsewhere in the world to regulate artificial intelligence and intellectual property rights.

Trends in evaluation of the application potential of research and development results
Ivan Dvořák, ILA s.r.o.

Reliable assessment of commercial potential of results of R&D is the holy grail of all knowledge technology transfer professionals. Though each KTO copes with this problem somehow, there is – maybe surprisingly – no generally accepted methodology how to solve it. In the contribution, reasons for this situation are discussed and approaches to solution of the given problem as well as their pitfalls and merits are listed. In the conclusion there will be presented a SW tool Innovation Processor, developed and tested by ILA Ltd., which brings flexible, effective and reliable method for assessment of the commercial potential of results of R&D based on breakdown of the evaluation into independent dimensions and the rating approach. The open innovation portal of Boehringer-Ingelheim for scientists around the worldEN
Florian Montel, Markus Koester, Boehringer-Ingelheim - Molecules for free...
To foster innovation, we openly share select, well-characterized and high-quality molecules with the scientific community to unlock their full potential. The molecules are shared as part of two complimentary programs: Either completely free of charge with no strings attached to order directly. Or as part of collaboration challenges, whereby we invite scientists from all over the world to submit research proposals to pursue our molecules further as part of a bi-lateral collaboration.

2B section

Experience from one year of cooperation with colleges and universities
Adam Polášek, Innogy

The presentation summarizes experience gained in the past 15 months since Innogy ČR started cooperating with universities – success stories, failures and plans for the future. A discussion will follow to continue sharing of experience gained by other companies, universities, colleges and other entities.

Partnership program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University
Barbora Joudalová, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University

The presentation focuses on establishment and development of a partnership program at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University. We will present individual types of partnership, as well as areas that can be covered by them.

Cooperation between IBM and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in the field of machine translation
Zdena Závůrková, IBM, Jan Louda, IBM, Ondřej Bojar, MFF

Representatives of IBM and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University will present practical aspects of cooperation between a big company and a Charles University workplace in the form of a contracted research, with a focus on mutual benefits and obstacles that they have been gradually overcoming.

Attentat 1942 – From schools to the most prestigious Game Developers Conference GDC
Jakub Gemrot, Lukáš Kolek, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University

What is the story of an originally school aid that has won awards at a number of international conferences? In our short presentation we will tell you when the idea was born, how we kept it afloat and the lessons we have learned.

Christoph Köller

Dr. Christoph Köller

Managing Partner, Görgen & Köller GmbH

Dr. Christoph Köller

provides support to organizations seeking to transform scientific results into innovations with a focus on social sciences and humanities.

Amanda Zeffman

Dr. Amanda Zeffman

Head of Consultancy Services, Cambridge Entreprise

Dr. Amanda Zeffman

from Cambridge has initiated forums in order to involve the industry in the process of cooperation between the university and the industrial sector.

Marc Lemmer

Dr. Marc Lemmer

director of TTO, SnT, University of Luxembourg

Dr. Marc Lemmer

has developed a multi-sector network of companies and he cooperates with professionals from innovation hubs, universities, accelerators or governmental bodies.

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